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Join us and explore a world of flavor with Launch Pad Café Hot Sauces. It's more than cuisine... it's art.


Prepare yourself for a delightful journey of sensation and taste, the likes of which you have only dreamt about.

If you’ve stumbled across Launch Pad Hot Sauces for the first time, then it’s your lucky day!

We’re a hot sauce for the brave, the bold, the adventurous, the creative and the nuanced. We love spice, but we’re much more than that…

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Not for the faint of heart! This one packs a real punch. Are you brave enough to try it?

Move over, Margarita mix! This is going to be your new favorite ready-to-drink cocktail. Just add booze and enjoy!

This one’s a favorite of ours. It’s a great way to spice up burritos, nachos or quesedillas.

This isn’t your grandma’s soy sauce! Rich and flavorful, it’s the perfect addition to any noodle dish.


I'm not a huge fan of burn-your-face-off spicy things. But I've found so many Launch Pad Café hot sauces I love! I can't wait to try more.
Christine Mullins
Delicious sauces and salsas. 10/10 would recommend!
Eric Hoffman

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